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Sorted by Groom

Groom Name Bride Name Year
Buggley, Charles Elizabeth Stephens 1682
Burt, Henry P. Bridget Johnson  07 Nov 1840
Carvin, James Kesiah Ware Tice 26 Jan 1856
Dixon, Anthony Elizabeth Camel 11 Jan 1682
Eldridge, John M. Mary Ann Adams 10 Mar 1833
Eldridge, Josiah Sarah Middleton 23 Mar 1801
Griscom, Tobias Deborah Gabitas 1711
Kelley, John P. Mary V. Mitchner  04 Jul 1889
Paine, John Elizabeth Wotton 19 Jan 1682
Reeve, Mark Ann Hunt 07 Sep 1686
Shaw, George Henry Catherine Matilda Lloyd 07 Mar 1869
Malaga, NJ
Walters, Garrett Henry Anna E. Kelley  1886
Wood, John Susanna Furness 1716
Wood, William Mary Parnell 1682
Zane, Robert Alice Allday 1679


Sorted by Bride

Bride Name Groom Name Date
Adams, Mary Ann John M. Eldridge 10 Mar 1833
Allday, Alice Robert Zane 1679
Camel, Elizabeth Anthony Dixon 11 Jan 1682
Furness, Susannah John Wood 1716
Gabitas, Deborah Tobias Griscom 1711
Hunt, Ann Mark Reeve 07 Sep 1686
Johnson, Bridget Henry P. Burt 07 Nov 1840
Kelley, Anna E. Garrett Henry Walters 1886
Lloyd, Catherine Matilda George Henry Shaw 07 Mar 1869
Malaga, NJ
Middleton, Sarah Josiah Eldridge 23 Mar 1801
Mitchner, Mary V. John P. Kelley 04 Jul 1889
Parnell, Mary Willaim Wood 1682
Stephens, Elizabeth Charles Buggley 1682
Tice, Kesiah Ware James Carvin 26 Jan 1856
Wotton, Elizabeth John Paine 19 Jan 1682

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